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Our Services

We provide a wide range of services to select from what you require!

Nisar Sons Caterers - Full Event Services

Full Event

We provide full service for your event from very first step to very last step. So you do not have to worry about anything. And everything will be on us.

Nisar Sons Caterers -Partial Event Services

Partial Event

We provide partial event services where you want a part of your event to be served by us. You won't feel a difference in our services wether it is a full or partial event service.

Nisar Sons Caterers - Ready Cook Food 24 Hours Services

Ready Cook Food 24/7

Now the world is moving fast and people need things fast. We provide ready cook food service 24/7. Just order the food and we will deliver to you ASAP (from minutes to few hours depending upon the order and food).

Nisar Sons Caterers - Food Catering Services


Any event without tasty food is not complete. Our food taste is one of the best in our field. We always use fresh and hygienic ingridients and provide unforgetable and unique taste to you and your guests.

Nisar Sons Caterers - Venue Booking Services

Venue Booking

You are in hurry and do not have time to decide the venue for your event. We will help you to decide where your event can best be arranged and further we can arrange these places for you.

Nisar Sons Caterers - Islamic Event Services

Islamic Event

We also provide our services for all kind of Islamic events as per your demands and requirements. You just name it and we got you.

Nisar Sons Caterers - Dessert & Sweet Dish Services


In our culture, dessert is must after food. So here we are, we provide different kinds of desserts that are prepared freshly according to your requirment of flavors and taste likenesses.

Nisar Sons Caterers - Gifting Services


Gift is a very important part of our culture and events that shows our love and caring for each other. We provide gift services where we will arrange and pack the gifts and deliver to you according to your requirements.

Nisar Sons Caterers - Flowering Services


Flowering is something that makes our events special. Their aroma, styling and placement all of this make your event mesmerizing and unique. And if it's done in the right manner, even the small amount of right flowering can make a big difference to your event. And we are expert of it.

Nisar Sons Caterers - Decoration Services


We decorate your events according to the theme of your event. We do not force our thinking upon you. We will listen to you and give the best suited theme accordingly.

Nisar Sons Caterers - Entertainment Services


We provide all forms of Islamic and legal entertainment. You name it and we will arrange it.

Nisar Sons Caterers - Transportation Services


Trasporting the guests from one place to another and so on is quite a hassle. We are ready to take it on us. We provide from non-AC to full AC transportation as per your requirement so your guests arrive to your event timely.

Nisar Sons Caterers - Photography Services


Everyone wants to save their special moments but what If pictures are not taken at the right time or in a wrong direction. All your memories will be displaced. We hire professionals who know their work, correct time to take picture and save it as a memory for your in the correct way.

Nisar Sons Caterers - Videography Services


Everyone wants to save their special moments but what If videos are not shoot at the right time or in a wrong direction. All your memories will be displaced. We hire professionals who know their work, correct time to shoot videos and save it as a memory for your in the correct way.

Looking for something else? Get in touch, we must have covered it.

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What Our Clients Say

Nisar Sons is a trusted name in catering services. They are working since 90's at the same place. They are very humble and kind in nature. Makes huge islamic event twice or thrice in a year. They have big big setup here.

Nauman Waheed


We have worked with many catering and event orgainzing companies but Nisar Sons is a well known name in this field. They know the art of work and planning. And their food taste is amazing.

Mohammed Aurangzeb


We made arrangements for our wedding function with Nisar Sons. They first listened to us what we want. Then gave their ideas on how we can make this event as our best day. They went ahead of our expectations and make the unique arrangements and yes food was very tasty.

Saleem Raza


We hired the Nisar Sons for food services for our corporate event. They did all the things as we them to do and made all the arrangements before time. Food decoration and food taste was very good and healthy.

Rana Shabeer

Corporate Employee

I get in touch with Nisar Sons for birthday of my child. Discussed all the arrangements and budget with them. What got me amazed was that the acutal bill was even below my budget and still nothing was short of excellence.

Nadeem Baig


I have worked with Nisar Sons multiple times for food and event services. Everytime they surprised us with new work of art, decoration and their food is always getting better. They did not care about project size. They always deliver their best.

Aga Mansoor


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